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Cole BoehlerAbout the Publisher/Editor, Cole D. Boehler

Cole Boehler, unfortunately, left this earth on April 30th, 2016. He died in an accident on the Jefferson River in Southwest Montana. He was a wonderful husband, father, brother, friend, colleague, and mentor.

Motorcycling was a passion to him. He shared this love with many and he will always be remembered through his words, the photographs that he shared, and conversational style of writing that was truly unique.

The last year has been very painful and full of difficult decisions. Without Cole, we will no longer continue to print more publications. When the inventory we have in stock is gone, we won’t be ordering additional press runs.

Remember his words: “Ride hard, ride free, ride well and ride safe!”


Cole Boehler, owner of Continental Communications, LLC in Butte, Mont., has spent nearly 40 years in publishing and printing. His father was a newspaper publisher and seven other members of his extended family work in the business. Boehler worked in production, advertising and news departments in various weekly and daily newspapers and in commercial printing sales. He was involved in management and became a publication owner-partner in 1986. In 1994 he opened his own independent publishing company out of Butte. He has launched and operated several successful periodicals, including a 15-year-old monthly hospitality industry trade journal which he sold July 1, 2010.

Over the years, he’s won dozens of awards for writing and advertising.

Boehler bought his first motorcycle in 1978 and has been riding Montana and the region ever since. He has logged hundreds of thousands of miles with almost all of that in the Northern Rockies. He keeps a journal of

his rides and routes and documents it all with his camera.

He published an acclaimed motorcycle touring guide book, “Motorcycling Montana,” in November of 2011. A second press run was needed by the spring of 2012. In spring of 2015 a second edition of this tour guide was published and in spring of 2016, “Motorcycling Idaho” first edition rolled off the presses.

Boehler and his wife, Marilyn, would have to be considered “avid motorcyclists,” typically riding 10,000 or so miles a year. They enjoy the early- and late-season “day rides,” long three- or four day weekends, and extended tours of 10 days or more. They typically ride 300-400-mile days when out on the road.

With his passion for sport riding and touring, coupled with his extensive and comprehensive publishing background, Boehler says he has determined there is a viable market niche for a periodical news vehicle targeting rider enthusiasts who live and ride in the Northern Rocky Mountains.


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